The Gavin Chronicles, September 4, 2007

Hello Everyone-
Sorry I am late in the day getting this out to you.....I am having some of my own issues today and getting on the computer just hasn't happened for me.
I will start with me.....I am having some pretty severe dizziness and they are not sure why. I cannot stand for long periods of time without feeling like I am having a total out of body experience......might sound weird I should try it some time, totally indescribable. They ran a series of tests today and we are waiting on the results. Hopefully, it is as simple as being anemic and upping my iron will fix the problem. In the meantime, I am still here.....and will be til this in under control.
Now onto Gavin......our little man is so spunky he continues to amaze them day by day. As of today, he is on the lowest ventilator setting they can have him on. What does this mean.....normally they would take him off the vent at this point and put him on a cpap, however, cause he is a little bit small, they do not have cpap fittings small enough for maybe by the end of the week.....who knows. His blood gasses continue to look good and he has not lost any more weight. He is holding steady at 1 lb 1 oz currently.....They will start feeding him breastmilk tomorrow. He will get 1cc every 12 hours. For reference....there are 5 cc per yeah, he isnt getting much, but every little bit counts. They did have to give him a transfusion the other day and he has seen nothing but great effects from that. His white blood count was a bit low but that is indicitive of the poor placenta that his momma provided for him in utero. They gave him some meds to stimulate his body to produce its own white blood cells. The doctors and nurses are in love with him just as much as we are. They have been so good to us here at the hospital. What a wonderful staff of people that they have given us to work with us in this situation. Each and every one of them has been a God send in their own way. We thank God daily for such knowledgeable medical staff that he has given us to help Gavin on his journey. I hope to take some more pictures tonight and send them stay tuned. I am able to touch him now so we should be able to get more pictures up for you. For now however, just visualize this bleach blonde baby, laying in the sun on the beach.....cause that is what Gavin is little Surfer Boy!! We will keep you updated as we have them.....thanks again for all of your prayers and well wishes.

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