The Gavin Chronicles, September 5, 2007

Good Evening Everyone-

I know I am pretty late in getting this out today but I knew we would have new pictures so I wanted to wait and send it all at one time.

Gavin is doing WONDERFUL!!! He is still on the lowest ventilator setting and getting stronger every day. The doctors and nurses are thrilled with his blood gas levels. He came off of the billi lights today so he doesn't get to hang out and sun bathe anymore. He had his first bowel movement today so they tell me he is ready to eat now. Tomorrow they will give him 1cc of breastmilk every 12 hours. We are excited for this big step. He is starting to gain a little bit of his weight back that he had lost but he is not making huge strides in the weight department just yet.

Our big news today is that I got to hold Gavin!!! He is so tiny but man did that make my day......I could not be happier. Brooke was able to be here to see him when he was out but Ian missed it cause he had scouts tonight. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday Ian will be able to be here when they take him out to be held again. I want Colin to have a chance to hold him too.....maybe tomorrow!!! I was able to hold him for about 20-30 minutes and he was so calm the entire time. He never desated on his oxygen levels and they were so pleased with how he did. He likes to lay skin to skin with mommy and I am ok with that.

I am suppose to be discharged in the morning although Colin has pretty large concerns because I am still pretty dizzy. We will see how I feel in the morning and go from there....

That's it for my update today....enjoy the pictures and I will send out another update tomorrow when I have one.

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