The Gavin Chronicles, September 7, 2007

Hello Everyone-

Wanted to send out an update on Gavin with some new pictures that we have.

I went home yesterday for the 1st time in almost 2 weeks. The ride home was very surreal and I think it finally hit me that I really do have a baby and he really is pretty darn small and he won't come home til Xmas. The kids were so happy to have mommy back last night. It was fun to spend time with them but emotional at the same time know that Gavin is still not home with us. My dizzy spells have been minimal today which is good however, I think I overdid it and now I am paying in the pain department. Gotta learn to pace myself and take it slower. Colin will return to work on Monday and I will be flying solo. I am not really sure how I will manage without him....he really has been my rock through this whole thing. I am going to miss having him around........

Gavin is doing very well still. Still on the vent however, they are prepared to switch him to c-pap should he extubate himself. He had a repeat head ultrasound where they were looking for brain bleeds and again it came back perfect. The doctor was stunned. I do not believe they ever see 25 week babies without brain bleeds. We were so thrilled with these results. He is still off of the billi lights for now but may need to sun bathe again soon. He gained 40 grams so he is back up to a weight of 1lb 2 oz.....he got his first breastmilk today and they said he was smacking his lips......he knows what's good for him!! He had a spa treatment today......they cleaned him all up and lubed him with lotion cause his skin was so dry. In the one picture you can see his adorable lil face without all the tape and goo on it. This made me so happy today to see this as I have not been able to see him without all the tape and stuff before. Gavin knows his daddy's voice.....he opened one eye response to daddy!!! The other eye is still fused shut but should open up soon. Ian was up last night and was able to get to touch his little brother. I think the two of them are going to be really close when all is said and done. You can see them holding hands in the one picture. In one of the pictures you will see Gavin and his monkey "Dangles" The kids got Dangles for Gavin when they went to Estes Park this today we took pictures with him and now Gavin and Dangles sleep together.......

We continue to be amazed by Gavin and his daily progress. The Lord surely is watching out for us and our family. The power of prayer has been felt so much here the past week. We are so thankful for all of our friends and family and the support we are receiving. The road is long ahead of us......but we will make it. Keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming and we will keep you updated with pictures and progress reports.

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