The Gavin Chronicles, September 16, 2007

Hello Everyone-

I wanted to send out an update today because I know I am a few days behind.

Gavin continues to recover from his surgeries quite nicely. You really would not know that this little guy had 3 surgeries in less than 24 hours just days ago. He had a few days where he was quite puffy from fluid retention and one of the photos you will see will reflect that. At this point he is not retaining fluid and is actually gaining weight!!! Today they weened him from his oscillating vent to a conventional vent. They are weening him from the Fentanyl drip tonight and they also have taken his repolgle line to gravity. This is all very good progress. They hope to be able to start feeding him again on Tuesday. Once the begin feeding him again it will take 7-10 days to get him on full feeds and be stable there. This is the point when they will look at a back transport to Littleton. Hopefully, this will come sooner than later because my kiddos are dying to see their brother again. They did get to visit up there on Friday night....but understand that PSL has a policy that siblings are only able to visit 1 time and the unit is on lockdown to all kids from October to March because of flu season. The kids enjoyed seeing him on Friday night and Ian said Gavin giggled at him. Once Gavin is back to Littleton Hospital he will stay there until about 2 weeks prior to discharge and then he will be flighted back to PSL so they can do the surgery to put him back together. He will then be discharged home from PSL. This should be somewhere around Christmas time. They actually say his due date for discharge.....which was December 9. As of today Gavin weighs 1lb 5.6 oz and is continuing to put on weight daily.

Colin and I are still hanging in there although I think the adrenaline has really worn off for Colin. As for me, I am still trying to convince my hormones to take a back seat and some days are far more successful than others. Dare I say again that Colin will return to work tomorrow......someone knock on some wood because we had this same plan last week too......I will be flying solo and I am a bit nervous about it. i am sure it will be culture shock for Colin because he has not been at work now for over 3 weeks.

The Lord continues to give us strength daily and I am certain it is because we have the prayers and support of so many wonderful people. We have met complete strangers on our journey and come to learn what it is to see God's people in action. Our God is an awesome God and he has shown his loving hands to us in this difficult time. We rejoice each day in the progress that Gavin is making and we thank him daily for the continued support we receive from family and friends.

We were put in touch with an organization called Help Heal the Children. Littleton Hospital put us in contact with them. They are an organization who help families like ours when they have a preemie. They have provided us with donations of Gas cards and meal donations from Supper Solutions. These donations mean so much to us because Gas and Meals truly are a big expense for us daily. We are so thankful for Valerie and her organization and the generous donations they are giving to us.

I will continue to keep you updated with status and pictures as I have them. I have included some new pictures from the past week. The first is of Gavin's new name sign at PSL.....his nurse Jamie made this for him. The second and third photos are a day or two post can see how puffy he looks. The fourth and fifth pictures are from when Ian and Brooke visited on Friday night. The sixth picture was daddy playing with Gavin and "Dangles" the other night. The last two were taken today. Notice that Gavin now has both eyes open. He doesn't like to keep his feet swaddled and it frustrates his nurses.....makes mommy laugh actually.

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