The Gavin Chronicles, October 30, 2007

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Good Morning!

We hope this email finds you all well. On this day before Halloween we will be spending time preparing for tomorrow. We will do the customary pumpkin carvings tonight and I must not forget to get candy to hand out. It seems that the Lord is so good to us in answering prayer however, the prayers for 5 feet of snow for Colin to walk in tomorrow night have gone unanswered. I guess that was the breaking point in prayer of how much is too much to ask for. The weather looks as though it might rain a bit but it will certainly not be a cold and blustery evening like last year. So my new prayer is that next year when I am walking with the kids that the Lord would bless me abundantly with 70 degrees and sunshine.

Gavin continues to do very well. He is now on 21ml of formula for his feedings. They have increased his calories in the formula to 26 cal in hopes of putting more meat on his bones. Gavin had a huge milestone over the weekend. On Saturday he officially doubled his birth how many kids can say that at 2 months old. They plan to begin bottle feeding him on Thursday. As of today Gavin weighs 2lb 9oz and is growing by leaps and bounds.

They are in communications with the surgeon as to whether or not to remove Gavin's broviac port. The verdict should be in today on that one. We have no preference on this issue and we can see both sides of the debate. If the broviac stays in it will be convenient for them at the time of his next surgery in terms of administering medication however, leaving it in also raises the potential for infection because it is an open site on his body. The surgeons will make the final judgement.

Gavin continues to be on minimal oxygen support. He is still on the low flow nasal canula and is doing well. He has had a total of 4 spells where he quits breathing like he did the other day. He has not had one since Friday night. He remains on the Xopanex and it seems to really help his lungs. His brady's are becoming less frequent and his apneas seem to be less severe. This could be a result of the meds or also could be that he is just simply growing out of them.

Gavin is on Vitamin D to help improve his calcium and phosphorous levels. They rechecked his thyroid yesterday and it remains a bit low so they will be following that over the next couple of weeks. Gavin's eye exams continue to remain the same and they do follow up every Friday.

All is well for us in this neck of the woods. The kids are excited about Trick or Treating tomorrow and I am sure we will have lots of pictures to share. Continue to pray for us daily as the Lord has been so good to us. We will update with Halloween pictures of the kids tomorrow.

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