The Gavin Chronicles, October 31, 2007


Hope this email finds everyone having been on the receiving end of many treats today and no tricks.

Gavin had a great day today!!! After having another apnea episode yesterday (the kind where he decides not to breath for a period of time) Gavin was behaving nicely today. He was all dressed up in his "Lil Pumpkin" outfit and was the talk of the nursery. He even got to come out and show off for the other nurses in the unit. He had a day free of apnea episodes and very few bradys. No major changes for him today. Tomorrow we will try him with the bottle and see how he does.

Today was the first that the kids have been able to hold Gavin. It was an exciting day for all of us. Ian was scared out of his mind and said that he was soft and squishy and squirmy. Brooke was just beside herself in all of her little mommy ways. She just loves to play mommy to Gavin....always rubbing his hand, singing to him, and of course....making sure he looks good. Today her issue was that his hat was not on him perfect so she had to fix it for him. He just looks at her in awe.....I keep trying to tell him that he is in for one heck of a time when he comes home. He smiles.....seems as though he cannot wait.

The kids went trick or treating tonight and had a great time. Both of them have buckets full of candy and could not wait to get home and bust into it.

I have included a few pictures from today. I will update tomorrow on Gavin's progress....

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