The Gavin Chronicles, October 19, 2007

Rejoice in the Lord always,
I will say it again, Rejoice!
Phillipians 4:4

Good Morning!

I hope this is a happy Friday for everyone and that you are ready and eager to embrace what the weekend holds. For us here in Colorado, I am afraid that means the dreaded SNOW.....

Gavin is such an amazing baby! He continues to amaze the doctors, nurses and even us on a daily basis. This week has been a week of progress for Gavin. He is now on full feedings with 24 calorie neocate formula. He is no longer receiving IV nutrition and is maintaining well in the food department. A big milestone for Gavin this week is he now weighs 2lbs. They will begin to switch him over to bolice feedings in the coming days.

Gavin graduated once again in the oxygen department. He is no longer on the high flow nasal canula but rather on a low flow, regular oxygen nasal canula. He is amazing the doctors because he is on such minimal support in the oxygen department. He continues to have oxygen saturations in the high 90's even with minimal support.

This week Gavin's caffeine treatments were discontinued, his humidity in his little isolette was discontinued and his hydryocortisone was once again decreased. He will have a follow up eye exam this afternoon which I am sure he will pass with flying colors.

Life is good for Gavin and life is good for us.

We took the kids to the museum yesterday to see Titanic and they loved it. We had a great time together as a family. When we were done at the museum we took a ride out to Colorado Mills to check out the lego store with Ian. He gave us all sorts of ideas for Christmas. Brooke checked out the Claire's store while we were there and spent a few moments trying to convince daddy she might need a new purse. We have family in town for the weekend and we were able to spend some time with them last night which was really nice.

We hope the weekend finds you and your families well and rested. Please continue to keep us in your daily prayers as we continue on our journey.

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