The Gavin Chronicles, October 16, 2007

May the God of hope
fill you with all joy and peace in believing
so that you may abound in hope by the power of the holy spirit.
Romans 15:13

Good Morning Everyone-

How bout those Colorado Rockies!!! Gavin was thrilled with their sweep of the series and may actually have to debut his "Game Day" outfit again during the World Series. Gavin continues to move along a steady but somewhat slow course....although I am sure he is quite pleased with the speed at which he is moving. The doctors are more than pleased with his steady progress at this point. His feedings have now been increased to 5cc an hour or 15cc every 3 hours. He is now on 24 calorie build up those biceps(that's what the doctor says at least). Possibly tomorrow they will increase his feedings again and then once again discontinue the hyperal (IV nutrition). A full feeding for Gavin at this time is 18cc every 3 hours. After they get to full feedings with tolerance on 24 calorie formula they will move to get him off of continuous feedings and more onto a bolice feeding schedule. His stomach needs to become adjusted to taking on food and expanding and then contracting with digestion. With continuous feedings, although it helps with tolerance, it does not provide for the expansion and contraction issues. Gavin is edging his way to 2lbs. He knows that mommy is excited for that milestone so he is going to take his sweet time getting there and then I am sure he will savor every moment of it. He weighed in last night at 1lb 15oz.

Gavin continues to do very well in the breathing department. He is still on the high flow nasal canula and his settings are at 1 liter with almost room air. In the coming days they will be switching him over to the regular nasal canula because he has graduated from needing high flow.

The PT/OT was in to evaluate Gavin yesterday. She was amazed at this tiny child and the things he could do. Gavin opens his eyes wide and trys to interact with his caregivers when they speak to him. He is a very responsive child. He has a great hand noted with the baseball bat. His movements are consistent and not jerky or twitchy....all things they look for to measure an immature neurological system. She will continue to follow his progress as he gets bigger. For now she is thrilled with his size and his abilities.

Gavin will have a follow up eye exam on Friday of this week. They will continue to follow him weekly to make sure he does not present with any signs or symptoms of R.O.P. Thus far all things are good in this department. We are sure he can see because he opens his eyes wide open in response to both Colin and I. He knows our voices and will look for you when you talk to him.

As for us as a family, we are doing well. Colin is in the midst of concert season once again and is often gone at night. He is still actively pursuing new employment. Ian is on fall break this week and we plan to take him to the museum to see the Titanic Exhibit. He has talked about it for months and now is a good opportunity for us to go before Gavin comes home. Brooke is just Brooke. She continues to be the adorable however sassy 4 year old and never ceases to amaze me with things she does daily. They are going to a friends house this afternoon and both of them are very excited for a playdate. As for me, I will have my follow up appointment with the doctor next week. I am feeling well these days and think I am getting back on track with my own health.

We have started to think ahead a bit to the future and when Gavin comes home. We have discussed the holidays and how they will look for our family. We need to get Gavin's room in order because it is still pink and purple....not that he would mind currently, but eventually I think he would have an identity crisis. We spoke to the hospital about a live Christmas tree vs an artificial one. So as you can see we are in the planning stages for the coming months. We have also begun our Christmas shopping because the hospital did stress to us to complete this task by mid November so we do not have to take Gavin out in the cold and expose him to hundreds of illnesses.

Once again we are rejoicing in the wonderful progress Gavin has made in the past week. We are rejoicing in our own health and well being and we are thankful each and every day for wonderful family and friends who surround us with love and support. Please continue to keep us in your daily prayers. Prayers for strength and growth for Gavin, prayers for new employment for Colin and prayers for sanity and daily living for the kids and I.

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