The Gavin Chronicles, September 12, 2007

Hello Everyone-

I wanted to send out a more positive update than the one I was able to give yesterday.

Gavin is resting peacefully and recovering from his many surgeries over the past 48 hours. They are having to support him more as his body works to heal. This means he is on a few meds to stabilize his blood pressure, his vent settings are up a little and he remains on pain medication to keep him comfortable. They tell me he is ROCK SOLID stable today and they are quite pleased with that.

We spoke with them today about a possible time frame for moving him back to Littleton Hospital. If everything continues to go well we are looking at about 4 weeks down here. They will begin to feed Gavin again in about 7-10 days and then hopefully he will do well and get up on his feedings so they can transport him back.

This little boy of ours is a fighter. He is charting his own course and writing a chapter in his own book of life. Not sure why we would expect anything different out of one of our children.

Colin and I will stay at the Hyatt til Friday and then go home where we hope to resume some semblence of normal life with Ian and Brooke. Keep in mind we had these same plans on Sunday last week.....we even planned out how it would look. We will continue to commute to see Gavin daily but we will be there for our other 2 as well.

I truly believe, although I don't really care for the atmosphere here, that this is the Lord's way of telling me to play mom to my 2 kids who really need me....let him take care of Gavin and guide the doctor's along the way.....Keep my family healthy and then celebrate Xmas together....All 5 of us!!!

Even though I was quite angry with him yesterday the Lord continues to provide for us. Some days I seriously think that he has me confused with someone else who can obviously handle more. Each time I say this, he gives me the strength to pull through. He has given Colin and I strength to handle situations which are unsurmountable to anything we have ever dealt with. Colin has continued to amaze me with the beauty of his patience, love and compassion that he has shown to me over the past weeks. I wasn't sure how our marriage would handle this.....or any marriage for that fact....but by the Grace of God we are managing ok. I am sure we will have our days, but for today we will rejoice in Gavin's great progress and we will be thankful for all of the great people in our lives who have surrounded us with love and prayer. We will rejoice in the small things from now on cause truly we take life for granted and we see that in this situation.

Thanks again for your continued love and support....keep those prayers coming because the power of prayer is amazing......and to see it in action is simply unbelieveable!

Now, I want to explain these pictures for a moment.....The first photo was taken on Sunday when Colin and I came to the nursery at Littleton that morning this is how we found him. He appeared to be praying. I am sure our son was praying for us for the hours and days that lay ahead.....see I am optimistic he already watches out for mom and dad ! The second photo is in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, 3 am to be exact. You can see how Gavin's abdomen doesn't look good at all....the cause for transfer. The third photo is the unit that Gavin was transported in to St. was quite the thing. The fourth photo is right after having his broviac port put in, prior to having another surgery the same evening. Finally, the last photo is a picture of Gavin today. You can see how much better he looks today...he has good color and he generally just looks good....ENJOY!!

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