The Gavin Chronicles, September 2, 2007

Good Morning Everyone-

Just wanted to send out a little bit of an update with some more pictures. Gavin continues to do well in his new little world. They had to change his ventilator today to an oscillating vent vs. a standard vent that he had been on since birth. They did this because they can meet his needs better with the oscillator and also because it is easier for Gavin on his lungs as well. He will most likely be on this vent now for some time.

The cardiologist was in yesterday and did an echo on Gavin. They were looking to see if the PDA.....Patent Ductus Artery.....had closed prior to birth. In normal babies.....aka full term babies, this is not an issue because the artery closes before birth and you never hear about it. When babies are born preemie.....and we had this same issue with Ian, the PDA does not always close and they sometimes have to do surgery to get it closed. Without the artery closing, fluid can fill into the lung cavity which can cause further respiratory problems. At this time, Gavin does have a PDA issue as we expected. They started him on antibiotic treatment and will re-run the echo today to see if he has responded at all. If they see that he has had some response from the medication they may do another round of medication as opposed to doing surgery. We will keep you updated as we know more on this.

Gavin will be getting a blood transfusion today.....again, very normal for babies born this small. We barely missed this with Ian when he was born.....he was right on the verge of transfusions many many times. They will use blood from Bonfils and we are told the criteria for blood to be used with preemies is very very stringent.

Gavin likes to hang out under the lights and with humidification. They tell me he is going to like to surf when he gets older. Daddy says too bad we don't have an ocean around here for him to surf on. We discovered yesterday that our son is a Toe Head.....bleach bleach blonde hair......I hope he keeps it that way.

Anyway, that is the update for now, as we know more we will send out more. I have a few new pictures that we took this morning so I will include them here. Be sure to look closely at the one with his tiny feet. Colin put the dime in the picture so you could get a comparison of size......

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and well wishes. Keep the prayers coming.

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