The Gavin Chronicles, April 7, 2008

Hello to all our wonderful friends and family-

It's been a long time hasn't it. I bet you were all thinking that the chronicles were retired and mom had gone into hiding. Our absence is not without good reason.

On a lovely Sunday evening the end of February I had just read my email and set my laptop down on the bed to go and put Brooke to bed for the night. We read our usual story and did our usual bedtime girl talk. I casually walked back towards my room to find Colin diving across the bed for my laptop. I was a bit impressed with the urgency in his movements yet quite traumatized by the reason. Bottom line, the hard drive had failed. The heads crashed and were dead. The laptop would not was toast. Now you might say to me, what was on the laptop. Well let me say that one entire years worth of pictures were on that hard drive. Every picture that had been taken of all three kids was lost that night. All data was lost as well. Did we have a backup.....NO. Lesson learned. Hard but true. We took the drive to a data recovery place. I was hopeful for recovery. They promised recovery for a low price of $2400.00. It was in that moment that Colin and I put our heads together and began to reconstruct photos and see how far we could get. With the help of friends we were able to piece together about 90% of the photos.....which made me much happier.

So what have we been up to in the past month and a half. Well Gavin is growing!!! He had a well child check last week and weighed in at 7lbs 13oz. He has grown 7 3/4 inches in length since birth and his head has grown 6 inches in size. He has been off of oxygen for almost a month now and is doing wonderful. He had his last synagis shot last week....a sign that spring is on the way!!! He loves to smile and babble. He has learned how to roll over from his tummy to his back and man is he proud of himself. He likes to lay on his playmat and play with all of his friends. His new found love is watching tv with Ian and Brooke. They prop him up with them and he will sit for hours. The biggest news is that preemie clothes are officially too small. We are now into newborn size and in some cases even 3-6 month.

As for the family, we have been incredibly busy. The past month has seen us with Easter, Ian's birthday, Brooke's birthday, Pinewood Derby and the official start of the soccer season. Coming weeks hold soccer games, the beginning of baseball season, district Pinewood Derby finals, mother's day, our anniversary and Gavin's baptism.

The kids are doing well. Brooke is still in dance and has started up with spring soccer as well. She is on the same team as in the fall and the girls just love each other and their coach is amazing. Their first game was last week and it was fun to watch them all run around again. She will have her dance recital in June and then take a break from Dance for the minimum. She has decided she would like to play tee ball in the summer so we will get her hooked up with that as well. We registered her for Kindergarten and she couldn't be more ready.....she will start in August.

Ian is nearing the completion of 3rd grade and doing incredibly well this year academically. He is still active with scouts and will be playing baseball again this year. The season officially starts on April 21. He had his pack pinewood derby for scouts this past weekend. He took 2nd place in his den and will advance to the district pinewood race. He was so proud of his car. Not only did he win but he got an award for having the most racelike car. He will once again travel with grandma and papa over Memorial day weekend and he is very excited. He loves to go out on the 4 wheelers and just hang out with family for the weekend.

Colin is doing well in his new job and adjusting to the less stressful environment. He is out of town this week on his first business trip. He will spend the week in sunny Alabama.....and muggy, humid, hot Alabama!!! He has still been active at church with sound activities and recently kept himself busy constructing his own pinewood car that he raced in the parent race on Saturday. Daddy didn't do quite as well as Ian did....but his car looked really HOT!!!!

As for me, I am busy this week with 3 kids and trying to finalize arrangements for a birthday party on Saturday. I will be working with Ian on a school project this week in addition to baking cakes and getting the house ready. I have made it a point to get myself back to the gym on a regular basis and I sure do feel much better. It is nice to pull out the size 10's and be able to get them me a goal to shoot for.

That's about all from our neck of the woods. We are so grateful for all of our wonderful family and friends. God has truly blessed us in our lives. We hope this email finds you all well and enjoying some of the spring sunshine. Please keep us in your continued prayers for continued health and well being for Gavin and the family.

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