The Gavin Chronicles, November 20, 2007

Be still, and know that I am God
Psalm 46:10

Good Morning!

I am working on the verse above yet again this morning. Some days I struggle with this more than others. Today is no exception to the struggle part. As we enter this Thanksgiving season......a season of thanks, we have so much to be thankful for yet some days the vision of thankfulness just isn't as clear for us. So for today, in keeping with the promise of living with no regrets, I will make a list of the things that I am thankful for and in doing so I will share this with those around me. I will start here with this email......

I am thankful to each and every one of you who has helped us out on this journey. Some days have been easy, some hard but through them all, your support has been unfailing and never ending. Your prayers and words of encouragement have given us the strength to continue down this road we travel. Your meals have nourished us and made our tummys full. I am thankful for a God who takes care of us and still listens to my prayers on a daily basis. I am thankful for family. I am thankful for friends. I am thankful for my church home. I am thankful for my worldly home and all that resides in it.....yes the mess too! I am thankful for Colin's job, even when it really seems awful. I am thankful for health insurance. Last but not least, I am thankful for Gavin and this situation because through the hard times I am becoming a better person and renewing my faith each day. We have come closer as a family and also in our walk with the Lord. I would personally like to wish each and every one of you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Now for the update.....Gavin continues to do well and make progress daily.

He is now nippling (bottle feeding) several feedings per day. Each time varies as to how much he can take but most times he is able to take at least 2/3 of his feeding by bottle. His coordination of suck, swallow, breath is getting better although he still does occasionally hit a bump in the road. His current feeding is 32cc every 3 hours and his feeding time is down to 45 minutes. Previously he was fed over 2 hours. He weighed in last night at a whopping 3lb 4oz. He has also grown about 1 inch in length since birth. Grow legs Grow!!!

His eyes are doing well and we expect the doctor to come in at some point this week to do a 2 week follow up visit. As of last week the plus disease that they had seen previously had all but diminished and the retinopathy was fading away as well. All good signs.

Gavin's broviac port has failed and will be removed by the surgeons in the coming days. If you will recall the broviac was used to supply medication, interlipids etc as the alternative to several IV lines. It was a central line with multiple purposes. The line has not been used for several weeks but was being maintained daily for the purposes of Gavin's final surgery. The surgeons felt if they could keep it working until that point that it would be good. Yesterday, however, the port was leaking pretty bad when they flushed it therefore creating the need to remove it. This is an ok thing for us because the broviac can also be a source of future infection if left in too long. They will give him a local and Tylenol for pain when they take it out. The procedure is done at the bedside and takes just a few minutes.

We met with the pediatric Endocrinologist last night to review his plans for Gavin. Preemies often have lower levels of the thyroid hormone so they are treating Gavin with Synthroid. He will continue to take this medication until he is 3 years old and will be tested every three months to monitor dosage etc. This will also help with Gavin's growth. Currently, the pill is crushed and put into his bottle however, once he has mastered the suck, swallow, breath task he will get his pill crushed in apple sauce and take it by mouth.

Overall, things are going well for Gavin and for us. Our family has been so helpful with the kids and this situation. A huge thanks to them for all they have done. We continue to pray daily for Gavin and our family and ask that you would do the same. Pray for strength and growth for Gavin. Patience for us as a family as we get anxious for things to happen faster. Continued prayers for health and well being for all of us.

I have included a few new pictures of Gavin taken last week. One shows him with his big boy bottle and the others are pictures from his Bath. I hope you enjoy them.

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