The Gavin Chronicles, October 9, 2007

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances....I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:11b-13

Happy Tuesday to all!

Today we rejoice together for weight gain. Gavin has had a steady course now over 3 days of upward mobility in the weight gain department. This is good signs of feeding tolerance and his ability to grow and get bigger. Last night he weighed in at 1lb 12oz so I am once again hopeful for 2lbs by the end of this week. The NNP who was with Gavin yesterday left us wit her hopes for the week.....1. Cheeks, 2. 2lbs, 3. No more vent tube and 4. No more peeling skin. When she referred to cheeks I asked her if she was thinking of butt cheeks or face cheeks.....she laughed and said we would worry about his butt cheeks later. He is now up to 3.5cc an hour for his feedings and continues to do well. They will most likely increase to 4cc an hour tomorrow and see how he does. If he continues to do well and tolerate the feeds they will switch him back to breastmilk and then hopefully be able to add fortifier with extra calories.

We are so delighted with the progress Gavin is making. Six weeks ago we were not even sure he could sustain life outside the womb and today we stand in awe of his strength. Such a small child yet such a fighter. Surely all of us stand to learn something from Gavin. Looking through Gavin's eyes I realize that life is about perseverance and that faith is believing in things you cannot see. I have learned that much of what happens to us is totally out of our control despite our best efforts to control it all the way. Let go and Let God really is more than a phrase that people say to is true. I have learned so much from Gavin about the power of prayer. I am still working on learning a bit of patience from Gavin....maybe he will have some nice way of teaching me this one.....I do however, have more today than I did 6 weeks ago.

So for today we are thankful for Gavin and all that he teaches us in his strength and peseverance. We are thankful for family and friends, for good food and clothes to wear each day. We are thankful for our jobs and income.

Please continue to pray for strength and healing for Gavin. Pray that God would continue to bless him in his weight gain journey and he will continue to grow and get bigger. Pray for us as a family that we can surround each other with love and compassion, patience and perseverance to continue despite trials and tribulations that might come our way.

I will update more later and possibly post a few new pictures if Gavin is in the mood to pose today .

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