March 24, 2009

Happy Spring!

Can you believe that we have now entered into the season of sunshine, longer days, warmer nights and summer is just around the corner?

What I cannot believe is that I have not updated this blog since January! OK so I took a brief intemission in life to deal with what seemed like a phase that would never end. I am happy to report however that it HAS ended and I am back up and resuming LIFE!

Once again God has shown us his presence in our life. I wondered (for a brief moment....hey I am being honest here....ok it was probably more than a moment) if God had put me on hold. I pondered whether or not I had exhausted my quota of prayers I was allowed in a lifetime...or if there even was a quota. I kept praying....but it seemed to me that God wasn't the end I realize I was the deaf one.....and now I get it! So, if you ever sit there and wonder why your prayers are not being answered.....Be still and know that he is God! I used to cling to that verse when Gavin was in the hospital and now that verse applies to me once again. What I fully realize is that the will of God will never take me where the grace of God cannot sustain me. A hard lesson to learn....but what a learning experience he has given me to make me a stronger pull me closer to him and to show me that he will never leave me nor forsake me.

We are back into the swing of spring here in our house with sports! Brooke started soccer a few weeks ago and had her first game on Saturday. It is so fun to watch these girls learn and mature into very good players. Brooke had a great break away on Saturday and nearly scored a goal...we are so proud of her. Ian will be starting spring baseball here in a few weeks and we will join our friends and cheer him on. He is very excited to be playing on the same team again this year. Colin remains very busy with work and doubly busy with work and home. His job is very challenging yet very rewarding for him and he loves what he does. He works for a great organization with a great group of people.

I am recovering nicely from surgery and will have my 2 week post op appointment tomorrow. Colin has been home with me for 2 weeks and has been the most incredible help I could ever ask for. He has worked full time, maintained this house, fed 3 kids and even changed poopy diapers....all so I could rest and get better. You may laugh at the poopy diaper thing but it is a reality that Colin does not do poop. We have had a marital arrangement since the introduction of children into this family. I do not do vomit and he does not do poop. Up until a few months ago this arrangement worked out swell. In January Colin left for a marathon trip on a Sunday. A very cold Sunday. On Saturday Gavin had acted peculiar....diaper wise and nutrition wise. I explained to Colin I was afraid he was getting sick....Colin assured me he would be fine. What that equates to is that I woke up on Monday morning to not one sick kiddo but 3! Remember the marital arrangement about not doing vomit? Out the window....Daddy is out of town and I am flying solo with three sick kids. So, the past week has been a challenge for Colin in the poop department and we have shared many laughs as he tried to hold his nose and hold Gavin....whom I might add, does not sit still for anything! God bless Colin and poop and God bless mommy and vomit!

Now onto Gavin....He is growing like a weed both in size and character! He is weighing in at 15lbs 10 oz now and shooting up like a rocket in the length department. I think he was 27 1/2 inches at last check. He eats everything under the sun. He especially loves mac and cheese and hot dogs! He also indulges in chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, ice cream and many many other things. He loves to spit food when he thinks he may get a reaction.....which with a 10 and 6 year old, it does not take much to get a reaction. Imagine dinner time at this house. Gavin has learned to play peek a boo and covers his eyes with his hands in anticipation of you saying boo when he pulls them off. It is very cute! He has mastered climbing the stairs. He now knows how to go up and also to come down....the safe way of opposed to the previous free fall way!! He hates to swing but loves to slide. He loves to ride in his stroller to walk his brother and sister to school and secretly I think he admires Spongebob too! He is working to master taking his first steps. I will probably shed a tear or two on that day. One because my already chaotic life will have just become more chaotic....because I don't think walk will be in his vocabulary long before we move on to run....and two because my miracle....the baby we were not sure was going to make walking! Gavin is still on the synthroid for his thyroid and he is now also on a sodium bicarbonate. This is to help him grow. In the future we may be looking at having to add in growth hormones but only time will tell. We just finished up the winter 2009 round of synagis shots so we are good now until next fall. He has mastered saying mama, dada, hi, bye and some rendition of Ian comes out every now and then. He also loves to say oh pooh! Hey, he's my 3rd, it is kind of funny! He is like a sponge absorbing all he can and he brings us such joy on a daily basis. What a blessing he has been to this family. He has taught us a lot about life!

The coming weeks hold birthdays and Easter. It is hard to believe that my big baby is going to be 10 in just a few days. Seems as though just yesterday I polished off that box of girl scout cookies and was laying in the hospital having a C-Section. It has been 10 wonderful years filled with joy and laughter....and a few tears along the way. Ian has grown so much and is such a joy to be around. He is such a smart kid and has such high aspirations in life. Brooke is going to be 6 and she is full of life! She loves everything music and can often be caught singing and dancing. She is trying to master the moves to Hannah Montana's new Hoedown Throwdown song so she can teach it to her friends at her birthday party. She amazes us each and every day and watching her grow has been so much fun!

I think that concludes the long update on us. We are so thankful to be blessed with such wonderful family and friends. To each and every one of you please know that we love and cherish you and we thank God for you every day!

Peace and Love-

Colin, Juanita, Ian, Brooke and Gavin

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