October 15, 2006

Hey Everyone-

It's me, Gavin. I promised you that tonight would be the "BIG" night.

I have to tell you a few things though....my brother and sister, they don't know the secret....they will find out in the morning.

The other thing I want to tell you before I let you in on the big deal is that mommy wants everyone to be clear that I "AM" the baby in this house. There will not ever be another baby.....cause I am it. So for all of you well wishers thinking my sister might just get a little sister....It aint gonna happen....that's what mommy says. Besides, I like being the baby!

Ok now on to the big deal. Mommy and Daddy have been planning all year to take us on a special vacation. You know while I was in the hospital last year my brother and sister lived away from home for almost 5 months. It was hard on them so mommy and daddy and me too.....we wanted to do something special for them. So, mommy and daddy are taking us to Disney World. We leave in the morning and I cannot wait for Ian and Brooke to find out. They are going to be so excited.....poor Ian is worrying tonight about his math test for tomorrow and getting his reading for the week done before Friday. I told him "no sweat dude" but he didn't really believe me that it would all be ok.

I will see if I can post some pictures when I am down there. You know my daddy never leaves home without his laptop. So keep checking back and see what kind of fun times we are having.

I gotta get to bed now cause tomorrow is gonna come really early and I want to be well rested. Mommy told daddy tonight she was worried about me wanting to stay awake on the plane for the whole ride.....I guess time will tell huh!

I love you all....


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Anonymous said...

How fun! Have loads of fun and very safe trip! Can't wait to see pics.