September 30, 2008

"Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Isaiah 40:31

Hello to all our family and friends....

It has been a while hasn't it?

Life has been......well, LIFE!

Here we are in the beginning of fall. How did it get to be October already? We have been busy with kids in school, kids in sports, doctors appointments and other activities.

Gavin has had an interesting ride the past several weeks. He got an ear infection the beginning of September and was on antibiotics for it. It cleared up and 2 weeks later re-appeared. He is back on antibiotics to treat that and in the middle of the antibiotic treatment he now has what appears to be chicken pox. Poor baby cannot get a break. Through it all though.....he smiles!

Gavin had his well child check a couple of weeks ago. He weighed in at 12lb 4oz at that time but since then has lost a bit of weight from being sick. He is now on whole milk fortified with carnation instant breakfast for extra calories. He loves his table food and eats at his high chair 3x a day now. He loves to be a part of dinner time. Recently he seems to have an aversion to the bottle....presumably from ear infections however, only time will tell. He has changed his nap schedule to napping only once a day now.....which has been a bit of a challenge with school drop off and pick up times.

He is and otherwise. Gavin is on the move. He officially took his first tumble down the basement stairs....lesson learned.....keep the door shut! He smiled when he got to the bottom. I think mommy was more traumatized than Gavin. He is sitting up very well now on his own. Just within the past few days he is exploring the option of pulling himself up on stuff. It wont be long now and he will be standing and cruising.

Ian and Brooke are doing well. They are busy with school, friends and sports. Ian is playing baseball again this fall and is working on his pitching and catching skills. He hit 2 balls in the game last week and was on cloud nine. Brooke is playing soccer again and loving every minute of it. She is star of the week at school this week so she loves being the princess.

Colin and I are doing well. We keep busy with work, chasing kiddos and attending many kid related functions. In between all of that we try to make some time for ourselves as well.

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying our beautiful weather. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please continue to keep Gavin in your thoughts for health and healing.

Until next time......

Peace and Love-

Colin, Juanita, Ian, Brooke and Gavin

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