July 30, 2008

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
Phillipians 4:13

Hello to our wonderful Family and Friends-

Summer is winding down here at the Philben house and we are now in the countdown to "when does school start?" We are also in another countdown here as well.....That is the countdown to Gavin turning 1!

Tomorrow marks his 11 month birthday and soon the day will be here when our "little" boy will be the big 1! We are in the midst of planning his birthday party. This will be a fun one and probably a large one too. It will be the first birthday party ever celebrated on a Sunday in the Philben house and it will mark the first evening party as well. Gavin is excited about his Luau theme and recently posed for pictures to use for his invitations. He says "Party on Dude!" He is planning a wonderful Hula Hoop competition and a Limbo gig as well.

Gavin had a few milestones this week as well. He has now figured out how to suck from a straw! Lil bugger loves to share drinks with daddy. He demonstrated his hard work for me with ease the other day with his blue gatorade!

Gavin has officially rolled over from his back to his tummy. He has been working on mastering this task for quite some time. He will not however demonstrate this task for Miss Beth, his physical therapist. I think somewhere he believe her mere knowledge of his skill will mean more work for him. She has caught on to him though....and she is moving him along with other tasks. We are now working to master the task of sitting up. He does pretty well with almost no assistance. Gavin loves to sit in his Bumbo seat and be with his brother and sister. He watched the Hannah Montana concert with them the other night in its' entirety! He thought he was so cool.

Gavin is starting to scoot a bit and mimic that ever famous army crawl. I do not think it will be too long before we see movement out of him. He is way to nosey to stay still for much longer.

He is starting to babble up a storm these days and his sounds seem to be increasing by the moment. Daddy coaches him nightly to say DaDa while mommy coaches him daily to say MaMa....we shall see who wins out on that one.

His one year appointment is in September and we cannot wait to see just how big he has grown in one years time.

The Lord has truly blessed us as a family over the past 11 months. Our walk in faith has been incredible and his grace in our lives is truly amazing. We have learned so much about life from Gavin. We have grown as individuals and as a family. The dynamics are incredible. God is truly good!

Brooke and Ian are eagerly awaiting the first day of school which is exactly 2 weeks from today. Ian was thrilled to find out today that he gets to march in the Douglas County Parade. He has always wanted to be a part of the parade and not just a spectator. This will be his big day! Brooke had her last TBall game last night and was able to get a big hit. She has done so well with her sports. She will be starting up with soccer again here in a few weeks. Each of the kids have their own blogs that they have enjoyed updating....with mommy's help of course. The links are on Gavin's page. Check them out if you get a chance. They love to see comments too!

Stay tuned for more updates as we have them......the countdown is on to the Big 1!

Love and Peace-

Colin, Juanita, Ian, Brooke and Gavin

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