The Gavin Chronicles, December 4, 2007

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Good Morning-

Wanted to send out a quick update this morning.......before we start our day.

Gavin continues on his IV drip to maintain his sugar levels. The levels have remained where they need to be with the IV however, he is starting to retain fluids. Some of the initial results from the blood tests came back yesterday. Preliminary looks seems as though perhaps Gavin's cortisol levels are a bit low. This would be the primary cause for hypoglycemia. Cortisol is the hormone that tells your body to produce sugar....without it sugar levels will be low. I could place a bet today that they would start Gavin on some sort of corticosteroid to help his adrenal functions.

Because he is receiving IV fluids in addition to his regular feeds they have had to modify the volume of his feedings to a lower volume. He has been taken off of the 28 calorie formula and we have gone back to 24 calorie at this point in time. He weighed in last night at 3lb 15 oz......mostly fluid retention.

On another note, my dad was taken to the hospital yesterday after collapsing in the garage for an unknown amount of time. He was admitted with several large blood clots in his lungs. They have placed him on large doses of Heparin via IV drip and will transition at some point to injectible blood thinners and coumadin. They had some difficulty last night stabilizing his blood pressures and talked of moving him to ICU. They will be running a series of tests beginning today to try to find out why his blood is clotting.

Please keep us in your prayers. Please continue to pray for Gavin that the doctors would be able to manage his issues and gain some resolve. Pray for my dad that the doctors would be able to dissolve the blood clots and find a reason for the clotting so they can manage it in the future. Pray for Colin and I for strength......during the most stressful times. Pray for my mom for strength to manage with my dad gone.

I will update later today as I know more about Gavin and my dad.....

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