The Gavin Chronicles, October 11, 2007

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer
Romans 12:12

Good Morning!!!

We start today rejoicing in the wonderful progress that Gavin has made over the past few days. Gavin is such a little cutie but nothing compares to being able to see your child, face to face, with no tubes or wires attached to his mouth. To be able to take in the glory of his beauty and have him look back at you with his tongue sticking out is simply the best. Gavin had his ventilator tube taken out at about 6 last night and has never looked back. Once the tube came out he quickly realized there was nothing in his mouth and he was exercising his tongue to its fullest extent. He is on a high flow oxygen via nasal canula now. His settings are at 2 liters and 25%. Remember that room air is 21%. His settings really are quite low and hopefully will remain that way.

The eye doctor was in and checked Gavin's eyes. At this point, they see no signs of ROP but will continue to check him every 1-2 weeks for some time. I failed to ask for how long would have to continue to be followed but the doctor did indicate he would be seeing us quite a bit in his office once Gavin was discharged.

Feedings continue to go well and will be increased again tomorrow. They had to take out his feeding tube when they took out the ventilator tube. He was looking for his food when it was gone so that is a good sign. He loves to suck and was sucking on the nurses finger when she was trying to feel his soft palate. I think I see a binky in his future.

It's a great day for us and for Gavin. God has truly blessed us with a strong little fighter. We are so thankful for the many people who continue to pray for us daily. We now know that all things are possible with prayer and positive thoughts.

I have included a few new pictures for you. These were taken after Gavin's tube was taken out. Isn't he cute???

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